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Uptake of LED Street Lighting Sweeps Across the UK

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As LED suppliers and installers, Nu-Light LED always keep our eye on the news for anything LED lighting related. There have been a number of similar stories coming up time and time again from a variety of local news outlets describing the uptake of LED street lighting in several areas up and down the UK.

LED Street Lamp Project for Northumberland

For example, Northumberland County Council have recently embarked on a project to replace all 29,000 lights and 17,000 lamp posts by 2018, which will not only reduce energy consumption by a massive 60%, it will also save them more than £300,000 a year. Commenting on the project, policy board member for street care and environment Ian Swithenbank said: “Like many local authorities we have seen a big increase in street lighting energy costs and many of our lamps are relatively old and inefficient. This scheme will give us state-of-the-art lighting. With new, longer-lasting technology there will be minimal maintenance required.”

Energy Efficient LED Lanterns

Work is also set to start on replacing Ealing’s old street lights with new, energy efficient LED lanterns. The project should be complete by October 2016, costing £6m altogether, with making annual savings of more than half a million pounds across Ealing borough in west London. According to a recent article from GetWestLondon, Ealing council is investing £6m in the switch, and they have estimated that it will result in between 43% and 50% in savings in the annual streetlighting electricity bills – around £400,000. The council will also save around £100,000 a year in maintenance costs as LED lights are more reliable and last for longer.

Benefits of LED Street Lamps

The installation of LED street lights in areas across the UK has many benefits; from increased safety, reduction in light pollution and the deterrence of criminals. LED’s produce a ‘white light’ that makes it easier for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists to see at night, which has the effect of reducing night time road traffic accidents. LED lighting also helps to deter criminals by improving night-time CCTV images, therefore reducing fear of crime in the area.

The installation of LED lighting is also a great step forward when it comes to reducing light pollution. Old lighting designs leak large amounts of light in unwanted directions which can obscure views of the stars, waste energy, and make it harder for drivers to see. But new LED designs produce more direct light, reducing the amount of energy used and reducing light pollution.

LED Lighting Distributor Specialising in LED Street Lighting

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