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Transforming Urban Environments with LED Lighting Technology

The world is experiencing a period of unprecedented urbanisation, as more people across the world live in urban areas that ever before. The LED lighting business has come a long way. All over the world, LEDs are being adopted in outdoor applications, allowing people to live in safe, attractive and environmentally sound cities.

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Clean Technologies are the Future, Including LED Lighting

According to the Climate Group, “Lighting accounts for 19% of the world’s electricity consumption. Significant savings are possible – on average 40% – simply by switching to energy-efficient lighting technologies such as LED.”

There’s more to LED lighting than the environmental benefits and the savings on energy bills though. LED lighting also offers incredibly flexible solutions in terms of controlled lighting effects, for example, colour, dynamics and design. They have the power to transform urban environments, providing the residents and visitors of cities all over the world not only with safety, but a great looking place to live too.

Advantages of LED Lighting Technologies

There are many advantages to LED lighting, including the following:

Efficiency – LED lighting provides energy savings of between 50 – 70% compared with conventional technologies. This also results in similar cuts to carbon emissions.

Lifespan – Well designed LEDs last for between 50,000 and 100,000 hours, or more! These impressive life spans can also be extended even further by using smart controls with LEDs.

Light Intensity Control – Conventional lighting tends to suffer decay in quality over time, which is known as lumen depreciation. Conventional lighting also has a shorter life if it is dimmed. But the lifespan of an LED light increases when the average current flowing through it is reduced, making them far better suited to smart controls.

Colour Choice – The colour choice available with LED lighting is practically infinite.

Directionality – LEDs provide highly directional light, therefore, they only shine where it is needed. Not only is this fantastic for the technology’s energy saving potential, it can also reduce light pollution in the case of LED street lights because it prevents light from intruding into the windows of people’s home and into the night sky.

LED Lighting Distributor

If you are looking for an LED lighting distributor, Nu-Light LED supply a range of bespoke products, offering your business a total lighting solution. As LED manufacturers, our products are stocked by some of the UK’s largest electrical wholesalers such as City Electrical Factors, Electric Centre, Edmondson Electrical, WF Electrical, and Yesss.

For more information and to speak to a member of our friendly team, call Nu-Light LED on 0844 225 1140 or visit our contact page to make an enquiry.

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