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The Importance of Good Lighting in the Workplace

Did you know that poor lighting can actually affect the motivation and efficiency of your staff? For example, if lighting in the workplace is poor, your staff may suffer from eyestrain. If the lighting is too bright, however, you may get frequent complaints of headaches. So making sure the lighting is right in your place of work should be a priority for ensuring that your staff perform to the best of their ability. You may work in an office, a shop, or even a warehouse, but the principles are still the same.

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Lighting and Productivity

According to a recent study, the quality of lighting in a workplace can have a significant effect on productivity. It has been proven that adequate lighting means that workers are more efficient and make fewer mistakes. In fact, good lighting can decrease errors by 30-60%, as well as decreasing eye-strain and headaches.

Good lighting in the workplace promotes the following:

  • Reduced risk of occupational accidents and health problems
  • Better concentration and accuracy in work
  • A brighter, cleaner workplace resulting in a more active, cheerful environment
  • Improved work performance
  • Better visibility, improved accuracy and increased work speed, therefore enhancing production

LED Light Fixtures and Heat Generation

LEDs are also much better for you that conventional lighting as they do not give out harmful UV rays. That means that they can be installed near people and materials, and in tight spaces where conventional sources could be dangerous. LED light fixtures do generate heat, but the beam of light from an LED is actually cool. LED fixtures with well-designed thermal management features that have been manufactured by reputable companies such as Nu-Light can effectively shield users from heat that is excessive or harmful.

LED Lighting for Offices and Conference Rooms

As experts in LED lighting solutions in Sheffield, Nu-Light LED have supplied and installed LED lighting solutions to a number of offices across the UK. We specialise in LED lighting for offices, and know just how much of a difference good lighting can make to a workplace. Make sure you get the very best out of your workforce with suitable lighting by calling 0844 225 1140, or visiting the contact page of the website to make an enquiry today.

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