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Technology and Innovation: The Bright Future of LED Lighting

As LED suppliers and distributors across the UK, Nu-Light keeps a close eye on developments in technology that could shape the future of LED lighting. Contrary to popular belief, LED lighting isn’t all about spotlights, floodlights and streetlamps. To illustrate the diversity and variety of LED lighting, we’ve scoured the latest industry news to bring you the newest advances in the technology and innovation of LED lighting.

LED-lit Indoor Herb and Vegetable Gardens

A restaurant in Sweden is using LED lights to grow herbs and vegetables to be used on their menu. The Upper House restaurant is on the 25th floor of the Gothia Towers building in Gothenburg, and they use an intelligent horticultural LED lighting system not only to entertain the guests, but to increase the quality of the food they serve. The latest research has shown that by using LED lighting with a specially-tuned  spectrum of light, the productivity of a garden can be greatly enhanced, even in small spaces. Just imagine what that could mean for the future of agriculture!

Tuneable LED Lamp to Improve Sleep

Now this is a fantastic idea; a tuneable LED-based light that works through a smartphone app via Bluetooth which encourages you to rest at night and wake in the morning with a ‘gentle experience’. This tuneable lighting design delivers relaxing light at night and then gradually increases light levels in the morning to gently wake up the user. As well as that, the smartphone app to go with it can gather data on sleep patterns and the local environment when it is used with other wearable smart devices!

LED Based Monument Projects

LED based monument france

A popular idea in lighting design at the moment is the incorporation of LED lighting into statues and monuments. LED pedestal lighting was installed on this WW1 monument project near Strasbourg in France, to create the illusion that the monument was floating. The effect is really quite extraordinary; it brings a whole new depth to the piece and gives the traditional monument a modern twist.

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