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Technology and Innovation: The Bright Future of LED Lighting

As LED suppliers and distributors across the UK, Nu-Light keeps a close eye on developments in technology that could shape the future of LED lighting. Contrary to popular belief, LED lighting isn’t all about spotlights, floodlights and streetlamps. To illustrate … Continue reading

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New Research Shows Exposure to Blue Light LEDs Boosts Concentration and Increases Alertness

According to recent research, blue light typically given off by LED lighting can make the brain more alert, and could be more effective at keeping you awake than caffeine. Researchers at the University of Greenwich decided to test the theory … Continue reading

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Save Power, Save Money, and Fight Climate Change with LED Lighting

If you’ve been keeping up to date with the news, you’ll have seen the stories about this year’s Nobel prize for Physics going to the 3 Japanese scientists who developed an LED capable of producing bright blue light. The invention … Continue reading

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Transforming Urban Environments with LED Lighting Technology

The world is experiencing a period of unprecedented urbanisation, as more people across the world live in urban areas that ever before. The LED lighting business has come a long way. All over the world, LEDs are being adopted in outdoor applications, … Continue reading

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New LED Lighting Product Brochure Available Now!

Nu-Light LED are pleased to announce the launch of our latest product brochure. The brochure features a selection of products including LED Flood Lights, LED Street Lights, Highbays, Lowbays, Downlights, Panels and Battons. As one of the leading distributors of … Continue reading

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Do Your Bit for the Environment with LED Lighting

Environmental responsibility – and the subsequent reduction of any carbon footprint – is continuing to play an influencing role in the profile of successful businesses. With many environmental benefits linked to LED lighting; it is unsurprising that the popularity of … Continue reading

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Product Safety Assurance Guarantee at Nu-Light LED

As experts in all things LED lighting related, Nu-Light LED are obviously fully up to date with the legal requirements for LED lighting products sold in Europe. As the use of LED’s becomes more and more widespread, assessment of the … Continue reading

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The Importance of Good Lighting in the Workplace

Did you know that poor lighting can actually affect the motivation and efficiency of your staff? For example, if lighting in the workplace is poor, your staff may suffer from eyestrain. If the lighting is too bright, however, you may … Continue reading

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The Top 5 Benefits of LED Lighting for Businesses

As a trusted developer and manufacturer of high performance LED lighting products, Nu-Light LED is well aware of the many benefits that LED lighting can bring to your business. If you’d like to know how it can benefit you, our … Continue reading

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Work with us:

No matter what size or sector your business is in, we have an LED lighting solution to suit your needs.



Geographical sales agents wanted.

Opportunities to get involved with our brand of LED lighting. Commission only sales consultants required in all areas.

Our LED products are getting more recognised and with our lease/buy options are more affordable to small businesses. Good commission rates available in all areas of the UK – Full product training and samples provided.

Email for more information.