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LED Lit Greenhouses Could Solve World Food Shortage

As experts in all things LED related, as well as reputable suppliers and installers of LED lighting, a recent article in the Daily Mail caught our eye. According to the newspaper’s website, food production could be increased in urban areas using sunlight-free greenhouses. British scientists have developed these next-generation houses which use specific wavelengths of light to boost the growth and taste of fruits and vegetables. Amazingly, the light could even be used to increase their shelf life!

Plant grown under LED light

Enhancing Food Production with LED Light

Scientists have discovered that plants can thrive under a limited spectrum of light, rather than the full spectrum of colours that are contained in ordinary daylight. They can in fact grow under a tailor made palette of red and blue light, and scientists have pinpointed these colours as those that will successfully enhance the process of food production.

Increasing Yield and Boosting Flavour

The research was carried out and developed by biologists at the Stockbridge Technology Centre, where they found that plants exposed to the red and blue light thrived in their state of the art 10,000 square feet research facility near Selby in North Yorkshire. Coloured bulbs were found to increase yield and even boost flavour! LEDs also give off very little heat, meaning that the plants can be stacked together in space saving racks, which helps to boost production further.

As LED suppliers, we think that this new technology could have a potentially massive effect on the health and economy of the world. It could mean that fruit and vegetables can be grown all year round in abandoned warehouses and disused buildings, rather than abroad. And growing them closer to home would mean that they would be on the shelves quicker, that they would last longer, and could potentially be cheaper too.

Grow Crops All Year Round

Project leader Dr Martin McPherson, science director of the STC, said: ‘Rather than having relatively short seasons for growing crops you could grow them all year round, and there’s not much you can’t grow once you’ve set up a facility with these LED lights. There is a huge amount of interest from growers because this technology is potentially a game changer.”

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