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LED Lights are Making Our Roads Safer: Here’s How

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As LED lighting suppliers, Nu-Light LED is well aware of the many benefits of LED lighting when it comes to road safety for pedestrians and drivers. There have been many changes in the world of lighting over the years, and now LEDs are widely available as energy-efficient, safe replacements for traditional light bulbs. LED lights make our roads safer due to many features of the light emitting diode, and here’s how.

LEDs Improve Visibility

White LED lights make the objects being lit look more natural to the naked eye. This is because the Colour Rendering Index of white LED lights is closer to sunlight than any other form of modern artificial light. Visibility is obviously a key factor for road safety, therefore white light LEDs improve safety for drivers. Drivers are better able to detect roadside movement, and as they react quicker, they have more time to stop should they need to. LED lights can improve the definition and contrast that is achieved when drivers or pedestrians view the road, road signs, and other objects, therefore making it safer for you and other drivers.

LED Lights Are Brighter

Another reason that LEDs make our roads safer is due to the brightness of light that they produce. LEDs seem brighter because the beam of light that they produce is more directional, so that more light shines down in the area that is required. This means that less light is wasted in areas it isn’t needed, cutting down on light pollution and making the illuminated area appear brighter. There is also evidence to suggest that in areas where LED lighting has been installed, crimes such as vehicle theft and vandalism have been reduced.

LED Lights Require Less Maintenance

LED lighting generally has a longer lifespan compared to traditional forms of lighting; therefore maintenance needs are reduced considerably. This not only lowers operational costs, but can also improve traffic planning to avoid disruption to road users. It also reduces the cost.

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Nu-Light LED are a UK based LED lighting supplier and installer, and we specialise in LED streetlamps. As you can see, LED lighting is a fantastic way to ensure that our roads are as safe as possible for drivers and pedestrians. Take a look at our website for more information about our products, or feel free to call us on 08442551140.

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