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The Carbon Trust Names LED Lighting as Most Popular Energy Efficiency Measure on the Market

According to James Dunlop, Technology Manager at the Carbon Trust, LEDs have become the most popular energy efficiency measure on the market. “Right now, no other technology change offers the same level of power reduction, whilst maintaining or improving on operational performance,” said James. “In terms of carbon abatement, the deployment of LED solutions provides some of the best ratios available when it comes the amount invested per tonne of carbon reduced.”

LED Lighting Installations for Businesses and the Public Sector

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Installations of LED lighting in businesses and the public sector have made it one of the most popular sustainability measures. The types of businesses that can benefit from LEDs are endless. For example, large outdoor spaces needing to be lit such as warehouses, logistics companies and factories, and smaller businesses such as offices and shops can all benefit. As the performance of LED lighting improves, the cost of the product decreases and the cost of energy rises, the commercial case for installing LEDs is stronger than ever.

Payback Periods of Only One Year

James Dunlop goes on to say that “The best commercial cases are present where operating hours are highest.  Where continuous operation is required payback periods are often close to one year.  However even in office applications where annual hours of operation are 3,000 or more the return on investment can be less than five years – especially where effective controls are deployed.”

However, James also addresses the fact that the lack of awareness of the financial benefits of LED lighting is holding back the uptake of them. They are often happy with the lighting they have now, and can’t see a reason to change if the lighting that they currently have is doing the job. There are plenty of trusted names out there with regard to LED lighting, including Nu-Light LED of course, but people are often bombarded with information about LED lighting from suppliers who have only just entered the market, creating confusion and an excuse not to go ahead.

“While many organisations have woken up to the potential with LEDs, a greater awareness of the opportunity, along with improved focus on quality and confidence will help to drive up the rate of implementation and continue driving down carbon emissions,” says James.

UK Based LED Lighting Supplier

If you are considering joining the LED revolution, and would like your business to save money on energy bills with the use of LED lighting, Nu-Light can help. We manufacture, install and supply LED lighting for a wide range of different businesses, and we can help your business to reduce carbon emissions and save money.

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