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Electricity Demand and Use Falls According to Latest Government Statistics

The Department of Energy and Climate Change published the UK’s Energy Trends update in December, which showed a fall in energy demand, reduced production of fossil fuels and an increase in the generation of renewable energy.

In a BBC analysis of the findings, it is suggested that the average person in the UK is consuming 10% less electricity than they were 5 years ago, despite the boom in technology such as tablets, computers, TVs and smartphones.

LED Bulbs Reduce Electricity Demand

EU standards restrict the amount of energy used on household appliances, and the ban on old-style lamps means that an average bulb consumes 29% less electricity in 2013 compared to in 2008. LED bulbs have allowed a significant decrease in the demand for electricity, as well as improving the quality of indoor light.

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According to the report, electricity generated in the third quarter for 2014 fell by 5.1 per cent, from 79.5 TWh a year earlier to 75.4 TWh, the lowest level of generation since 1998. Final consumption of electricity during the third quarter of 2014, at 70.1 TWh, was 2.8 per cent lower than in the same period last year. Domestic sales fell by 1.8 per cent, to its lowest quarter three level for 14 years.

Investment in Energy Efficiency

Greg Shreeve from the Energy Saving Trust said: “These figures demonstrate how well designed and targeted regulation can have a significant impact on our energy consumption. Investment in energy efficiency can lead to much wider economic benefits such as job creation and even improved health.”

According to the digest of UK energy statistics (Dukes), consumption of all energy in 2013 was the lowest since 1985 (203.2 million tonnes of oil equivalent) after adjusting for temperature. It says energy intensity, which can be defined as the amount of energy for every unit of wealth created) fell by 70% between 1970 and 2013 in the industrial sector and 55% in services.

Low Energy LED Lights for Commercial and Industrial Use

As LED suppliers and installers, Nu-Light LED is understandably pleased with these latest statistics from The Department of Energy and Climate Change. At least some of the fall in electricity consumption can be attributed to the increasing energy efficiency of household appliances and the use of low energy LED light bulbs in commercial, industrial and domestic environments. It is fantastic news for the environment that the UK’s energy consumption is falling, and that the amount of energy for every unit of wealth created has fallen significantly.

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