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Do Your Bit for the Environment with LED Lighting

Environmental responsibility – and the subsequent reduction of any carbon footprint – is continuing to play an influencing role in the profile of successful businesses. With many environmental benefits linked to LED lighting; it is unsurprising that the popularity of the product is continuing to grow.

LED lights are well-known to be beneficial for the environment; thanks to the fact that they don’t contain mercury or any other harmful gases. The lifespan of an LED light is also substantially longer than that of a halogen bulb; with an LED light typically lasting more than 40,000 hours longer than its halogen counterpart. This means that LED lights very rarely need to be replaced in comparison to halogen and fluorescent bulbs – ensuring that far less quantities of lighting product need to be created.


A Greener Outlook for Your Company

Typically, 1 LED light can withstand the lifespan of around 20 incandescent bulbs; vastly reducing the production and material requirements for lighting products. Implementing LED lighting across the scale of a whole office can therefore mean some serious improvements with regards to a greener outlook for your company. The fact that LED lighting is commonly recyclable is a further bonus.

Another benefit of upgrading to LED lighting is advanced energy efficiency of the product.  LED lights will typically use up to 80% less energy than standard halogen lighting; with the latter commonly turning over 90% of the electricity used into heat. Clearly, with the majority of the energy created by LED lighting being turned into light and not heat; it is easy to see why LED lighting is becoming rapidly more used by businesses.

Specialists in LED Lighting

At Nu-Light LED; we’re specialists in developing and manufacturing high-performance LED products throughout the UK. We’re vastly experienced in providing a wide range of high efficiency, low energy LED lighting solutions for varying sizes of businesses.

We offer everything from bulb and spotlight replacements through to whole office and retail solutions. You can find out more by giving us a call on 08442551140. Alternatively, why not visit our contact page to learn more. And remember – a high standard of office lighting is linked to productivity in the workplace.



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No matter what size or sector your business is in, we have an LED lighting solution to suit your needs.



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Opportunities to get involved with our brand of LED lighting. Commission only sales consultants required in all areas.

Our LED products are getting more recognised and with our lease/buy options are more affordable to small businesses. Good commission rates available in all areas of the UK – Full product training and samples provided.

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