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What are the Benefits of LED Lighting in Schools?

As suppliers and installers of LED lighting, Nu-Light LED is well aware of the many benefits LED lighting can have over traditional lighting. In recent months, our blog has discussed the numerous benefits of LED installation in workplaces, businesses, towns and cities and retail spaces. So what about schools?

LED lighting in schools classroom

LEDs Improve Light Quality and Output

Many schools are switching to LED lighting in both gymnasiums and classrooms, and reaping the benefits. LEDs have been found to work particularly well in gyms, improving the quality of light and the light output. Not only does the light appear brighter and whiter, which makes it easier and more comfortable to play sports, the savings in energy costs are also significant. In addition, the LED bulbs last so long that minimal maintenance is needed; very handy for a busy school whose rooms are used every day by students and teachers.

It goes without saying that making savings in schools can present fantastic opportunities to use the money in other areas. So not only do reduced costs benefit those who actually run the school, it’s also great for those students that attend. The more money a school can save on energy consumption, the more money that can be invested and spent elsewhere on equipment, programs and tools that will benefit the students’ education and experience at that school.

LED Lighting Increases Alertness and Brain Function

There has even been research carried out recently that suggests LED lighting can make you more alert, happier, and more productive. This is an obvious advantage in offices, and a great benefit for students developing their skills and learning within schools. Research carried out at Mid Sweden University also found that blue light used in LED bulbs has a positive effect on the brain, and that people exposed to it were able to perform better on tests of brain function that included a distraction.

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