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The Carbon Trust

Our company is a registered supplier to the Carbon Trust. This means we're able to offer Carbon Trust loans to businesses that don't have the budget to refurbish their existing lighting systems.

Applying for a Carbon Trust loan
The application process is simple. In fact, it only takes around four weeks. First of all, we assess your lighting and create a report for the Carbon Trust. If the conditions are suitable, we can then apply for a 0% Carbon Trust loan on your behalf to cover the cost of conversion.The loan amount is based upon how much carbon will be saved when your business converts to LED lighting and the repayments are calculated entirely upon the amount of money saved by the conversion. So, if your energy bill drops by 60% thanks to the conversion, your repayments will be calculated on the amount of money your business will save. This means that even when you're repaying the loan, we guarantee that your energy costs will not increase.

Converting to LED lighting
The process of converting from conventional to LED lighting couldn’t be simpler, and all we need from your business is a copy of your energy bill and a few small details.Once the application has been passed, your business simply needs to approve the project and sign for the Carbon Trust 0% loan. We will then provide the Carbon Trust, and your business, with a full inventory of the products that will be used during the conversion.A full LUX assessment will be made to ensure that the light levels are either identical or improved after the conversion. Our experienced engineers will ensure the conversion to LED runs smoothly, and we will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Work with us:

No matter what size or sector your business is in, we have an LED lighting solution to suit your needs.



Geographical sales agents wanted.

Opportunities to get involved with our brand of LED lighting. Commission only sales consultants required in all areas.

Our LED products are getting more recognised and with our lease/buy options are more affordable to small businesses. Good commission rates available in all areas of the UK – Full product training and samples provided.

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