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Top 4 Reasons to Switch to LED Lighting

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As LED lighting suppliers and distributors, Nu-Light LED are well aware of the many fantastic benefits of LED lighting. Here are 4 reasons why you should switch to LED lighting today!


LED lights generate virtually no heat. Therefore, they are cool to the touch and can be left on for hours without incident or consequence if touched. For the purpose of comparison, incandescent bulbs produce 85 btu’s per hour, compared to LEDs which produce just 3.4. Incandescent lighting expels 90% of the energy it consumes in the form of heat, which makes the bulbs hot to the touch. LEDs, however, are cool to touch, reducing the potential for burns and fires.

Environmental Benefits

LED lights are an environmentally friendly form of lighting because they do not contain mercury or other harmful gasses, or emit any harmful UV rays. For example, one 13w LED light emits 68% less CO2 than a standard 40w incandescent bulb running for 10 hours per day, making LED lighting a much more environmentally friendly choice.

Save Money

It has recently been estimated that a household switching from 10 incandescent bulbs to LEDs would save £300 a year on energy costs. That’s quite a large amount of money considering it’s just a few light bulbs. LEDs consume up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs. There is the argument that LED light bulbs cost more anyway, but when you factor in their life span of 25-30 years, the cost is quickly recouped over time in lower electricity costs making them the most cost effective option. The long lifespan of LEDs will dramatically reduce maintenance costs and lower long-term operating costs compared to traditional incandescent and fluorescent tubes.


On average, LED bulbs last 10 times as long as compact fluorescent bulbs, and 133 times longer than typical incandescent bulbs. The lifespan of an LED Light can be up to 50,000 hours compared to 750 to 2,000 hours for an incandescent bulb, 8,000 to 10,000 hours for a compact fluorescent and 20,000 to 30,000 hours for a linear fluorescent bulb.

Switch to LED Lighting Today

If you are excited by the prospect of lighting your home or business in a way that will save both the planet and your money, Nu-Light LED can help. Our range of high efficiency, low energy LED lighting solutions have been developed to suit all types of applications, from schools and offices, to shops and hospitals. For more information and to speak to a member of our friendly team, call Nu-Light LED on 0844 225 1140 or visit our contact page to make an enquiry.

Preserving Paintings and Collections in Museums and Art Galleries with LED Lights

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Studies have shown that UV lights that are often used in museums and art galleries can be harmful for paintings that are exposed to them for long periods of time. As a result, a trend has emerged of using LED lights that are keyed to specific colour spectrums.

As experts in and suppliers of LED lighting products, we recently reported that London’s National Gallery has recently fitted LED lighting in their picture galleries to ensure the safety of the paintings housed there, and optimise the quality of light, energy efficiency and reliability of the units. It’s been a battle for many museums and art galleries to maintain an open, well-lit space to exhibit their collections, and provide safe conditions to ensure that those collections remain in the best condition.

Incandescent Lighting Damaging and Deteriorating Art Work

Lots of museums and art galleries use soft lighting to illuminate the spaces, carefully considering the layout of the halls and the visibility of the art to the visitors. But studies have shown that this approach isn’t very good for the pieces of art on display, especially pre-19th century oil on canvas work such as Vincent Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings. These iconic and much loved works of art have suffered the effects of years of unsympathetic lighting, to the point where the colours are losing their vibrancy, especially the yellow tones. Experts have identified the use of strong, harmful lighting as the cause of this deterioration, and it’s happening to works of art all over the world.

Switching to LED Lighting

It’s UV light, it seems, that is most damaging to art work and collections in museums. That’s why many museums and art galleries are switching from incandescent bulbs to LED lighting. In addition to saving energy, LED lighting also produces superior aesthetic qualities, therefore enhancing the art work without damaging it. The light from the LED looks very similar to the light produced by traditional halogen lamps that the museums used to use. “The difference isn’t perceptible,” Jens Stenger, a conservationist scientist at Yale University, told Wired. “If you don’t have a direct comparison, it’s hard to recognize the difference with the naked eye.”

LED Lighting Supplier and Distributor

If you are looking for an LED lighting distributor , Nu-Light LED can help. For more information and to speak to a member of our friendly team, call Nu-Light LED on 0844 225 1140 or visit our contact page to make an enquiry.

Top 5 Services Offered by Nu-Light LED

As experts in LED lighting, the professionals at Nu-Light offer a range of services. Here is some useful information on the top 5 services that we offer to commercial and industrial businesses across the UK.

LED Lighting Supply

Here at Nu-Light LED, we supply customers all over the UK with the latest energy-saving LED lighting products and devices. Our aim is to help our customers to reduce the amount of energy that they use as quickly and efficiently as possible.

LED Lighting Design

The design of LED lighting is incredibly important when our clients are looking to benefit from the aesthetic qualities of LED lighting, and reduce energy. Our expert LED lighting designers at Nu-Light LED are able to provide a complete lighting design service for our commercial and industrial clients, ensuring that your system not only looks great, but saves energy too.

LED Lighting Installation

Our LED lighting installation services can be utilised in a variety of establishments including schools, hospitals, offices and shops. We’ve worked all over the UK, installing the latest LED lighting products in companies of all sizes and in a variety of locations. Our leading environmental lighting solutions help to reduce energy costs in a sustainable and effective way.


LED Lighting Servicing and Maintenance

Although the need for servicing and maintenance of lighting is greatly reduced when companies make the decision to switch to LED lighting, we are able to offer a comprehensive service to meet our customers’ maintenance requirements, no matter where they are in the UK.

Manufacture of LED Lighting

We manufacture our LED lighting products to the very highest standards, creating bespoke solutions that will meet the needs of our clients. Our high quality LED lighting products are made solely for retailers and businesses in the UK, and we are experts at what we do!

Upgrade to LED Lighting for Your Business

Our range of high efficiency, low energy LED lights and LED lighting solutions have been developed to suit both large and small businesses. As you can see from the information above, we offer a wide variety of services from simple replacements to whole retail and office lighting solutions. For more information and to speak to a member of our friendly team, call Nu-Light LED on 0844 225 1140 or visit our contact page to make an enquiry.

5 Benefits of LED Lighting in Retail Spaces

LED lit shop interiorRecent advances in LED lighting technology mean that LED lighting has become a cost effective solution to enhancing retail spaces. Shops can see a real return on investment from LED installing LED lighting; this comes from reduced energy expenses. They also do not generate heat, so during warm weather will not contribute to the need for air conditioning.

Enhance Customer Shopping Experiences and Merchandising

The quality of light created by LED lighting can offer customers a better shopping experience, and enhance the appearance of displayed products. Great lighting not only sets the mood for shoppers in retail premises, it can also enhance the appearance of merchandise with excellent colour rendering and light quality.

Maximise Energy Savings

LED lighting can offer retail shops significant energy savings. As LED suppliers, we know just how much energy you can save by switching from halogen and incandescent lighting to LED lighting in your shop or retail space. LED lights are very energy efficient, and although they do cost a little more to have installed, you’ll soon be saving up to 80% on your lighting bills.

Lower Carbon Emissions

According to the Carbon Trust, LEDs have become the most popular energy efficiency measure on the market. Information available on their website states: “In terms of carbon abatement the deployment of LED solutions provides some of the best ratios available when it comes the amount invested per tonne of carbon reduced.”

Reduce Maintenance Time

Another great benefit of LED lighting in retail spaces is the reduction in the amount of maintenance time involved. LED light bulbs have a long product life, which eliminates the need to regularly replace lamps or take part in bulb maintenance. In fact, depending on which ones you buy and how you use them, LED light bulbs can last 10 years.

Utilise Lighting Controls

There are several ways that bespoke lighting controls can be used to further the benefits of LED lighting in shops. Additional energy savings can be made when smart controls are utilised, ensuring that bulbs are only used when necessary and for the required amount of time.

LED Lighting Design and Installation for Shops and Retail Spaces

LED lighting is perfect for use in the full range of retail operations, from small independent boutiques and shops up to shopping centres and supermarkets. As suppliers and distributors of a range of LED lighting products throughout the UK, Nu-Light LED are also able to provide a complete LED lighting design service for commercial and industrial clients, including LED lighting installation.

We have worked with many retailers of all sizes and are able to use our leading environmental lighting solutions to reduce energy costs in sustainable and effective ways. For more information about our products, or to get in touch with a member of our friendly team, call us on 08442551140 or click here to email us.

Recent Innovations in the World of LED Lighting

The world of LED lighting has come on in leaps and bounds in the past few years. Despite the relatively recent advances in technology, LEDs have all but taken over the market. It’s not surprising that they’ve become so popular with the advantages that they offer for both the environment, and your pocket. There have been several notable innovations in the world of LED lighting recently; let’s take a look at them.

Mimic the Sun with LED Lighting

LED lights mimic sun

There has been a great deal of coverage in the British media recently regarding the effect of the sun on the body’s cardiac rhythm, which has been proven to affect our sleep patterns and productivity. The body’s sleep-wake cycle is related to the cycle of the sun, making us feel alert as the day begins and sleepy as the light fades and the evening progresses. Cool white light mimics natural daylight, and is therefore more appropriate for daylight hours when we are naturally at our most productive. Warm light, on the other hand, mimics the sun setting, and is therefore better suited to evenings when our bodies are relaxing.

There are LED bulbs available now that allow you to vary the colour temperature of the bulb using a smartphone app. So, you can adjust your lightbulb to more of a white light in the daytime and a warmer light in the evenings. The latest technology, however, enables LED lights to automatically adjust their colour output based on the time of day, approximating the natural colours of sunlight. In addition to the pre-programmed mode, users are also able to program their own timetables in using an app, or even by flicking the normal on-off switch a few times when it suits them.

Choosing the Right LED Light Made Easy

As LED lighting suppliers, one of the most common issues we come across is confusion from customers regarding replacing their current incandescent or fluorescent lights with LED equivalents. Obviously, we are more than happy to talk you through the decision and explain the process, but if you’re searching online, there is a really useful website that you can use.

Which LED Light will help you to choose the exact LED bulb to meet your needs by walking you through the choices one step at a time. After making the selections, you are given a list of options that meet the selected criteria. The list includes direct links to retailers as well as the cost of the bulb and the amount of money you will save in electricity costs by switching from incandescent to that particular LED bulb. There’s also an LED bulb education section that explains lighting terminology in plain English.

LED Lighting Supplier Based in Sheffield

We are a UK based LED lighting supplier and installer, and we specialise in the manufacture and installation of LED bulbs. Take a look at our website for more information about our products, or feel free to call us on 08442551140.

4 Things You Need to know About LED Lighting

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If your business is thinking about switching to LED light bulbs, read on. As expert LED suppliers and installers, Nu-Light LED has revealed everything you need to know about them.

1. LEDs vs. Incandescent Bulbs

LED bulbs are different from traditional incandescent bulbs in the way they produce light. Old -fashioned incandescent light bulbs work by passing electricity through a filament, whereas LEDs produce light through the use of a semi-conductor that emits light energy when an electrical current is passed through it. This way of producing light is also different from regular energy-saver bulbs, which pass energy through mercury vapour to create UV light. This is then absorbed by a phosphor coating inside the lamp, causing it to glow.

2. They are Incredibly Energy Efficient

LEDs are the most energy-efficient bulbs on the market. They use a huge 90% less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs and can sometimes pay for themselves through energy savings in only a couple of months.

3. LEDs are Long Lasting

LEDs are very long lasting. They can last for 25-30 years, depending on which one you buy and how you use it. The lifespan of an LED Light can be up to 50,000 hours compared to 750 to 2,000 hours for an incandescent bulb, 8,000 to 10,000 hours for a compact fluorescent and 20,000 to 30,000 hours for a linear fluorescent bulb.

4. Instant Brightness

LED’s switch on very quickly, even when they are cold, giving out light almost instantly when you flick the light switch, so you don’t have to put up with dim light while they get going!

Upgrade to LED Lighting

Here at Nu-Light LED, our range of high efficiency, low energy LED lights and LED lighting solutions have been developed to suit both large and small businesses. We offer a wide variety of services from simple replacements to whole retail and office lighting solutions. For more information and to speak to a member of our friendly team, call Nu-Light LED on 0844 225 1140 or visit our contact page to make an enquiry.

High Tech Urban Farming Taken to the Next Level with LED Lighting

LED lit urban farms

An urban farm in London has been granted planning permission to build the UK’s first commercial-scale aquaponic urban farm, combining salad and herb growing with fish rearing in a 550m2 disused warehouse. The farm will incorporate a stacked vertical growing system with LED lights to grow the plants, and when complete, will produce over 20,000kg of leaves and 4,000kg of tilapia fish throughout the year, most of which will be sold to local restaurants.

LED Lighting and Urban Farming

Co-founder and chief executive Kate Hofman said: “Our business model is for a range of crops. We could make a lot of money just growing micro-greens for restaurants, but that wouldn’t meet the aim of providing healthy sustainable food in volume. The majority of the revenue will come from salads – 25 per cent will be everyday salad and herb mix bags to the local area.

Urban farming using LED lighting based methods are becoming more efficient, meaning that they could soon be mainstream in the UK. 2015 will see high-tech urban farming moving from demonstration projects to full commercial-scale developments.

There are other businesses in the UK that are embracing LED lighting too, including an aquaculture system combined with conventional greenhouse growing in Lincolnshire. And in Clapham in London, a company began growing hydroponic, LED-lit micro-leaves and herbs in a disused air-raid shelter last summer.

LED Light Based Crop Growing

Stockbridge Technology Centre has been trialling LED-based growing of a range of crops since 2012.  Its science director Martin McPherson says: “Plants don’t use the full solar spectrum and at times the intensity of the sun’s energy is damaging to plants, so energy is wasted protecting the plant. Instead, we can use specific selected optimised light wavelengths much more efficiently to provide bespoke light regimes for optimised quality production of a wide range of food crops.”

McPherson’s view of LED based crop growing for the future is positive. He continues: “Large-scale adoption will depend on the rate of success of the early start-ups but I am convinced that it can aspire to have an impact on UK food production, so long as we accept we may have to pay more for high quality year-round locally grown pesticide-free produce.”

LED Based Lighting Suppliers

For more information about Nu-Light LED and our range of LED lighting products, give us a call us on 08442551140 or click here to email us.

LED Lights are Making Our Roads Safer: Here’s How

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As LED lighting suppliers, Nu-Light LED is well aware of the many benefits of LED lighting when it comes to road safety for pedestrians and drivers. There have been many changes in the world of lighting over the years, and now LEDs are widely available as energy-efficient, safe replacements for traditional light bulbs. LED lights make our roads safer due to many features of the light emitting diode, and here’s how.

LEDs Improve Visibility

White LED lights make the objects being lit look more natural to the naked eye. This is because the Colour Rendering Index of white LED lights is closer to sunlight than any other form of modern artificial light. Visibility is obviously a key factor for road safety, therefore white light LEDs improve safety for drivers. Drivers are better able to detect roadside movement, and as they react quicker, they have more time to stop should they need to. LED lights can improve the definition and contrast that is achieved when drivers or pedestrians view the road, road signs, and other objects, therefore making it safer for you and other drivers.

LED Lights Are Brighter

Another reason that LEDs make our roads safer is due to the brightness of light that they produce. LEDs seem brighter because the beam of light that they produce is more directional, so that more light shines down in the area that is required. This means that less light is wasted in areas it isn’t needed, cutting down on light pollution and making the illuminated area appear brighter. There is also evidence to suggest that in areas where LED lighting has been installed, crimes such as vehicle theft and vandalism have been reduced.

LED Lights Require Less Maintenance

LED lighting generally has a longer lifespan compared to traditional forms of lighting; therefore maintenance needs are reduced considerably. This not only lowers operational costs, but can also improve traffic planning to avoid disruption to road users. It also reduces the cost.

UK Based LED Lighting Supplier

Nu-Light LED are a UK based LED lighting supplier and installer, and we specialise in LED streetlamps. As you can see, LED lighting is a fantastic way to ensure that our roads are as safe as possible for drivers and pedestrians. Take a look at our website for more information about our products, or feel free to call us on 08442551140.

New Research Shows LED Lights Could Help to Fight Malaria

LED lights fight malaria mosquitoes

According to the latest scientific research, LED light may be key in the fight against malaria. A study published in The Royal Society found that all arthropods that were analysed, including mosquitoes, were significantly less attracted to customised LED lighting than ordinary fluorescent light bulbs. The research was carried out at the University of Southern California, the University of California, UCLA in Los Angeles and Philips Research in the Netherlands.

LED Lighting is Better for the Environment

The lead author of the study, Travis Longcore, concluded that the research is proof that customised LED lights are better for the environment and for people. He said: “The research provides proof in concept that LED lamps can be customized to avoid specific areas of the spectrum that could have adverse environmental consequences, while still providing light for indoor use. For places in the world where glass windows and screens are uncommon, reducing insect attraction to indoor lights is a big deal.”

Blue-Free LED Bulbs Attract Fewer Insects

Although any form of artificial light will of course attract more insects than total darkness, using LEDs could improve the problem and potentially reduce the number of cases of malaria in the process. The study compared insect reactions to the customized LED bulbs with traditional LED bulbs (with blue wavelengths), CFL bulbs and a control that used no bulb at all. The blue-free LED bulbs attracted 20% fewer insects than the other bulbs, even though they actually emitted a more intense light.

Malaria is a parasitic infection most common in developing regions of Africa. It kills approximately 584,000 people in 2013, and is spread by female mosquitoes. But by distributing these types of bulbs in areas where mosquito-borne diseases are common could help people light their homes at night, without the risk of attracting more insects.

UK Based LED Lighting Supplier

As an LED lighting supplier and installer in the UK, we think this new research is incredibly encouraging for the future success of fighting diseases such as malaria. People will always need to light their homes in developing countries, and the widespread use of lighting that attracts fewer insects can only be positive for the control and prevention of malaria.

If you are looking for an LED lighting supplier that is trusted by many electrical wholesalers across the UK,  check out the range of high quality LED bulbs at Nu-Light LED, or call us on 08442551140.

Uptake of LED Street Lighting Sweeps Across the UK

LED street light supplier

As LED suppliers and installers, Nu-Light LED always keep our eye on the news for anything LED lighting related. There have been a number of similar stories coming up time and time again from a variety of local news outlets describing the uptake of LED street lighting in several areas up and down the UK.

LED Street Lamp Project for Northumberland

For example, Northumberland County Council have recently embarked on a project to replace all 29,000 lights and 17,000 lamp posts by 2018, which will not only reduce energy consumption by a massive 60%, it will also save them more than £300,000 a year. Commenting on the project, policy board member for street care and environment Ian Swithenbank said: “Like many local authorities we have seen a big increase in street lighting energy costs and many of our lamps are relatively old and inefficient. This scheme will give us state-of-the-art lighting. With new, longer-lasting technology there will be minimal maintenance required.”

Energy Efficient LED Lanterns

Work is also set to start on replacing Ealing’s old street lights with new, energy efficient LED lanterns. The project should be complete by October 2016, costing £6m altogether, with making annual savings of more than half a million pounds across Ealing borough in west London. According to a recent article from GetWestLondon, Ealing council is investing £6m in the switch, and they have estimated that it will result in between 43% and 50% in savings in the annual streetlighting electricity bills – around £400,000. The council will also save around £100,000 a year in maintenance costs as LED lights are more reliable and last for longer.

Benefits of LED Street Lamps

The installation of LED street lights in areas across the UK has many benefits; from increased safety, reduction in light pollution and the deterrence of criminals. LED’s produce a ‘white light’ that makes it easier for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists to see at night, which has the effect of reducing night time road traffic accidents. LED lighting also helps to deter criminals by improving night-time CCTV images, therefore reducing fear of crime in the area.

The installation of LED lighting is also a great step forward when it comes to reducing light pollution. Old lighting designs leak large amounts of light in unwanted directions which can obscure views of the stars, waste energy, and make it harder for drivers to see. But new LED designs produce more direct light, reducing the amount of energy used and reducing light pollution.

LED Lighting Distributor Specialising in LED Street Lighting

If you are looking for an LED street light distributor, Nu-Light LED supply a wide range of street lighting products. For more information and to speak to a member of our friendly team, call Nu-Light LED on 0844 225 1140 or visit our contact page to make an enquiry.

The National Gallery Install LED Lighting in the Picture Galleries

inside the national portrait gallery london                             London’s National Gallery has recently been fitted with LED based lighting in the picture galleries. This iconic building had to be very careful when deciding on the particular LED units that they were going to install, taking into account a number of factors to ensure the safety of the paintings, including the quality of the light, energy efficiency, the reliability of the units themselves, and guarantees of continuing supply, maintenance and support.

The Gallery’s Scientific Department tested several units and considered the results of assessments carried out by the National Portrait Gallery. The trials showed that each of the 90 watt tungsten spotlights can be replaced with 14 watt LED spotlights, which results in a considerable energy saving.

Superior Aesthetic Qualities of LED Lighting

The gallery were well aware of the energy saving advantages of LED lighting, but the tests carried out also produced encouraging results with regard to the aesthetic qualities of LED lights. The Directors, curators and conservators were all in agreement that the effect of the LED lighting was much better than that of the existing tungsten lighting system.

According to the National Gallery’s website, improvements were noticed in three principle aspects, each of which relates to the interaction of the LED units with natural light:

Soft, Diffused Light

When used with a spot lens, the long-throw distance produces a soft, diffuse light that does not over-emphasise the surface of paintings.

Coolness of LEDs Similar to Filtered Natural Light

The relative ‘coolness’ of the light corresponds more closely with filtered natural light. Curators have remarked that the light produces a notable increase in the sense of space in many paintings and that some darker features are more legible at a given lux level. Another positive factor for the curators is that the light does not cause gilded frames to be over-prominent.

Superior Controls for LED Lighting

Perhaps the most significant advantage of LED lighting concerns control. LEDs can be dimmed without any noticeable drop in the quality of light, so they can be used to gradually augment natural light as required. By contrast, tungsten lighting becomes increasingly warmer when dimmed, so within the earlier lighting system they were designed to simply switch on and off according to need, which proved startling to visitors.

Annual Energy Saving Figures

The lamp life of LEDs is significantly longer than many other sources and estimated to be around 50,000 hours, giving some 25 times greater life expectancy. The installation of the LED lighting has achieved substantial annual savings of £53,600 and saved 765,000 Kwh of electricity. The annual maintenance savings are over £36,000 with a saving of 417tn in CO2.

LED Lighting Distributor

If you are looking for an LED lighting distributor , Nu-Light LED can help. For more information and to speak to a member of our friendly team, call Nu-Light LED on 0844 225 1140 or visit our contact page to make an enquiry.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing LED Lighting


As suppliers of a wide range of LED lighting, we are well aware of the many advantages of switching to LEDs. It goes without saying that LED bulbs across the market vary in terms of their performance and their lifespan, so choosing a quality product is key. So, here are 5 things that you should consider when choosing LED lighting!

Comparing Brightness in Lumens

LED bulbs come in a range of varying degrees of brightness. Forget wattage, you need to start thinking in lumens. A 50w halogen spotlight can now be replaced with an equivalent 5w LED spotlight, therefore offering huge savings in energy. However, you need to make sure that the lumens are similar between the old bulb and the one you’ve replaced it with, otherwise you won’t get the same level of brightness or light intensity.

Colour Temperature of LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are available in a variety of different colours ranging from cool, bright light, to warmer tones. For example, cooler shades are more often used for offices and schools, whereas warmer tones may be more suitable for home use. The LED bulbs available from Nu-Light LED are available in a range of colour temperatures including warm white, natural white, and cool white.

LED Bulbs and Heat Dissipation

Although LED light bulbs don’t get anywhere near as hot as incandescent bulbs, they do in fact produce some heat. A good quality LED bulb will effectively dissipate heat, which is drawn away from the bulb by a heat sink often found in the bottom. This absorbs the heat produced, and then effectively dissipates it into the surrounding environment. If the heat sink doesn’t release this heat very well, it’s likely that the bulb will burn out, resulting in a short life span and the need to replace it.

Angle and Width of Light Beam

If you are swapping from halogen spotlights to LEDs, you need to consider the beam angle. Halogens typically provide a wider angled light than LEDs, so swapping for the equivalent LED may leave you with a very narrow beam of light. For a focussed beam of light suitable for high ceilings, choose a lower angle beam. If you need an even spread of light across the room or have a low ceiling, choose a wide angled LED.

UK Based LED Lighting Supplier

If you are looking for an LED lighting supplier that is trusted by many electrical wholesalers across the UK,  check out the range of high quality LED bulbs at Nu-Light LED, or call us on 08442551140.

LED Lit Greenhouses Could Solve World Food Shortage

As experts in all things LED related, as well as reputable suppliers and installers of LED lighting, a recent article in the Daily Mail caught our eye. According to the newspaper’s website, food production could be increased in urban areas using sunlight-free greenhouses. British scientists have developed these next-generation houses which use specific wavelengths of light to boost the growth and taste of fruits and vegetables. Amazingly, the light could even be used to increase their shelf life!

Plant grown under LED light

Enhancing Food Production with LED Light

Scientists have discovered that plants can thrive under a limited spectrum of light, rather than the full spectrum of colours that are contained in ordinary daylight. They can in fact grow under a tailor made palette of red and blue light, and scientists have pinpointed these colours as those that will successfully enhance the process of food production.

Increasing Yield and Boosting Flavour

The research was carried out and developed by biologists at the Stockbridge Technology Centre, where they found that plants exposed to the red and blue light thrived in their state of the art 10,000 square feet research facility near Selby in North Yorkshire. Coloured bulbs were found to increase yield and even boost flavour! LEDs also give off very little heat, meaning that the plants can be stacked together in space saving racks, which helps to boost production further.

As LED suppliers, we think that this new technology could have a potentially massive effect on the health and economy of the world. It could mean that fruit and vegetables can be grown all year round in abandoned warehouses and disused buildings, rather than abroad. And growing them closer to home would mean that they would be on the shelves quicker, that they would last longer, and could potentially be cheaper too.

Grow Crops All Year Round

Project leader Dr Martin McPherson, science director of the STC, said: ‘Rather than having relatively short seasons for growing crops you could grow them all year round, and there’s not much you can’t grow once you’ve set up a facility with these LED lights. There is a huge amount of interest from growers because this technology is potentially a game changer.”

For more information about Nu-Light LED and our range of LED lighting products, give us a call us on 08442551140 or click here to email us.

What are the Benefits of LED Lighting in Schools?

As suppliers and installers of LED lighting, Nu-Light LED is well aware of the many benefits LED lighting can have over traditional lighting. In recent months, our blog has discussed the numerous benefits of LED installation in workplaces, businesses, towns and cities and retail spaces. So what about schools?

LED lighting in schools classroom

LEDs Improve Light Quality and Output

Many schools are switching to LED lighting in both gymnasiums and classrooms, and reaping the benefits. LEDs have been found to work particularly well in gyms, improving the quality of light and the light output. Not only does the light appear brighter and whiter, which makes it easier and more comfortable to play sports, the savings in energy costs are also significant. In addition, the LED bulbs last so long that minimal maintenance is needed; very handy for a busy school whose rooms are used every day by students and teachers.

It goes without saying that making savings in schools can present fantastic opportunities to use the money in other areas. So not only do reduced costs benefit those who actually run the school, it’s also great for those students that attend. The more money a school can save on energy consumption, the more money that can be invested and spent elsewhere on equipment, programs and tools that will benefit the students’ education and experience at that school.

LED Lighting Increases Alertness and Brain Function

There has even been research carried out recently that suggests LED lighting can make you more alert, happier, and more productive. This is an obvious advantage in offices, and a great benefit for students developing their skills and learning within schools. Research carried out at Mid Sweden University also found that blue light used in LED bulbs has a positive effect on the brain, and that people exposed to it were able to perform better on tests of brain function that included a distraction.

LED Lighting Supplier and Distributor

If you are looking for an LED lighting distributor, Nu-Light LED supply and install a wide range of bespoke LED lighting products throughout the UK. As LED manufacturers, our products are stocked by some of the UK’s largest electrical wholesalers such as City Electrical Factors, Electric Centre, Edmondson Electrical, WF Electrical, and Yesss. For more information please call Nu-Light LED on 0844 225 1140 or visit our contact page to make an enquiry.

Technology and Innovation: The Bright Future of LED Lighting

As LED suppliers and distributors across the UK, Nu-Light keeps a close eye on developments in technology that could shape the future of LED lighting. Contrary to popular belief, LED lighting isn’t all about spotlights, floodlights and streetlamps. To illustrate the diversity and variety of LED lighting, we’ve scoured the latest industry news to bring you the newest advances in the technology and innovation of LED lighting.

LED-lit Indoor Herb and Vegetable Gardens

A restaurant in Sweden is using LED lights to grow herbs and vegetables to be used on their menu. The Upper House restaurant is on the 25th floor of the Gothia Towers building in Gothenburg, and they use an intelligent horticultural LED lighting system not only to entertain the guests, but to increase the quality of the food they serve. The latest research has shown that by using LED lighting with a specially-tuned  spectrum of light, the productivity of a garden can be greatly enhanced, even in small spaces. Just imagine what that could mean for the future of agriculture!

Tuneable LED Lamp to Improve Sleep

Now this is a fantastic idea; a tuneable LED-based light that works through a smartphone app via Bluetooth which encourages you to rest at night and wake in the morning with a ‘gentle experience’. This tuneable lighting design delivers relaxing light at night and then gradually increases light levels in the morning to gently wake up the user. As well as that, the smartphone app to go with it can gather data on sleep patterns and the local environment when it is used with other wearable smart devices!

LED Based Monument Projects

LED based monument france

A popular idea in lighting design at the moment is the incorporation of LED lighting into statues and monuments. LED pedestal lighting was installed on this WW1 monument project near Strasbourg in France, to create the illusion that the monument was floating. The effect is really quite extraordinary; it brings a whole new depth to the piece and gives the traditional monument a modern twist.

UK Based LED Lighting Supplier

If you are interested in having LED lighting installed in your business, retail shop, or office, Nu-Light LED can help. We are manufacturers, installers and suppliers of LED lighting for a wide range of different businesses across the UK. Also, our products are stocked by some of the UK’s largest electrical wholesalers such as City Electrical Factors, Electric Centre, Edmondson Electrical, WF Electrical, and Yesss. For more information and to speak to a member of our friendly team, call Nu-Light LED on 0844 225 1140 or visit our contact page to make an enquiry.

Electricity Demand and Use Falls According to Latest Government Statistics

The Department of Energy and Climate Change published the UK’s Energy Trends update in December, which showed a fall in energy demand, reduced production of fossil fuels and an increase in the generation of renewable energy.

In a BBC analysis of the findings, it is suggested that the average person in the UK is consuming 10% less electricity than they were 5 years ago, despite the boom in technology such as tablets, computers, TVs and smartphones.

LED Bulbs Reduce Electricity Demand

EU standards restrict the amount of energy used on household appliances, and the ban on old-style lamps means that an average bulb consumes 29% less electricity in 2013 compared to in 2008. LED bulbs have allowed a significant decrease in the demand for electricity, as well as improving the quality of indoor light.

LED lighting

According to the report, electricity generated in the third quarter for 2014 fell by 5.1 per cent, from 79.5 TWh a year earlier to 75.4 TWh, the lowest level of generation since 1998. Final consumption of electricity during the third quarter of 2014, at 70.1 TWh, was 2.8 per cent lower than in the same period last year. Domestic sales fell by 1.8 per cent, to its lowest quarter three level for 14 years.

Investment in Energy Efficiency

Greg Shreeve from the Energy Saving Trust said: “These figures demonstrate how well designed and targeted regulation can have a significant impact on our energy consumption. Investment in energy efficiency can lead to much wider economic benefits such as job creation and even improved health.”

According to the digest of UK energy statistics (Dukes), consumption of all energy in 2013 was the lowest since 1985 (203.2 million tonnes of oil equivalent) after adjusting for temperature. It says energy intensity, which can be defined as the amount of energy for every unit of wealth created) fell by 70% between 1970 and 2013 in the industrial sector and 55% in services.

Low Energy LED Lights for Commercial and Industrial Use

As LED suppliers and installers, Nu-Light LED is understandably pleased with these latest statistics from The Department of Energy and Climate Change. At least some of the fall in electricity consumption can be attributed to the increasing energy efficiency of household appliances and the use of low energy LED light bulbs in commercial, industrial and domestic environments. It is fantastic news for the environment that the UK’s energy consumption is falling, and that the amount of energy for every unit of wealth created has fallen significantly.

For more information about reducing your electricity consumption using energy efficient LED lighting, call us on 08442551140 or click here to email us.

Research Shows Councils are ‘Switching Off’ Street Lights to Save Money

According to today’s news, the BBC have reported that councils in several areas of the UK are switching off or dimming street lights in an attempt to save money. The research, carried out by the Labour Party, found that authorities across the UK have been switching off street lighting after midnight, and that much of Britain was being ‘plunged into darkness’.

LED street light

Councils were warned of huge financial challenges after the government grants were announced for next year, and are trying to save money on lighting in order to preserve core services such as social care and road maintenance.

Labour said 141 of the 150 English councils responsible for street lighting had responded to its survey, and a total of 106 councils were either switching off or dimming some lights at night.

Mixed Opinions

The Campaign to Protect Rural England has previously called for more councils to dim lights to “reduce the impact of light pollution”, and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles has previously said that switching off street lights can save a “phenomenal amount of money” and cut crime.

But those in opposition have serious safety concerns. For example, the AA suggests that turning off street lights has contributed to car crashes and accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians.

Investment in Energy-Efficient LED Street Lights

In response to the trend of lights being switched off, the shadow local government secretary Hilary Benn said Labour would set councils’ budgets further in advance to allow them to plan ahead and install low-energy street lighting. He said: “Street lights ensure that people are safe on our roads and feel safe walking home, especially at this time of the year when the nights have drawn in.”

A number of local authorities are switching to energy-efficient LED street lights as an alternative to switching them off. The Labour Party’s Hilary Benn has suggested that instead of switching off street lights, councils should be investing in low-energy lighting as a means of saving money in the future.

Manufacturers and Suppliers of LED Street Lights

Here at Nu-Light LED, we offer a wide range of LED street lights which will save money on electricity. For more information about our LED street lighting products, or to get in touch with a member of our team, call us on 08442551140 or click here to email us.

How to Use LED Lighting to Boost Retail Shop Sales

Lighting plays an important role in the overall look and feel of your retail shop. Not only can it effectively showcase your products, it can also encourage purchases by visual enhancement and allow for more enjoyable shopping experiences for your customers.

LED lit shop interiorAs a retailer, there isn’t a set shop lighting formula that you can follow, but there are things that you can do that will show off your goods and ensure that your customers enjoy their time at your store. Successful retail stores use lighting to maximise the attention of their customers on revenue producing products, effectively guiding customers to naturally look at highlighted products through a combination of accent lighting, perimeter lighting, shelf lighting and case lighting.

LED Spotlights

Spotlights and down lights can be used over product displays at the end of aisles, on wall displays, at the front of the shop and near the checkout. A customer’s attention will naturally be drawn to products that are lit up well; therefore to make the most of the financial impact of spotlights, try putting the products that you make the highest profit margin on under these lights.

Spotlights work really well in shops simply because they are so versatile; they are easy to rotate, and can be swivelled around in order to direct the beams on your products and displays. They are also perfect for window displays and shop floors. If you choose to alter the layout of your shop or create a new display, spotlights can be adjusted to compliment the new look.

Environmental Benefits of LED Lighting in Retail Environments

LED lighting systems generate controllable, high-quality, directional lighting that is ideal for shops and retail spaces. They also minimise the amount of power used, therefore reducing energy bills and helping to reduce your carbon footprint. These days, retailers aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible, so LED lighting is a great way to be seen to ‘go green’.

LED Lighting Design and Installation for Retail Spaces

LED lighting is perfect for use in the full range of retail operations, from small independent boutiques and shops up to shopping centres and supermarkets. As suppliers and distributors of a range of LED lighting products throughout the UK, Nu-Light LED are also able to provide a complete lighting design service for commercial and industrial clients. We have worked with many retailers of all sizes and are able to use our leading environmental lighting solutions to reduce energy costs in sustainable and effective ways. For more information about our products, or to get in touch with a member of our friendly team, call us on 08442551140 or click here to email us.

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