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5 Reasons Your Business Should Switch to Outdoor LED Floodlights

Whether you need to light up an outdoor area for business or commercial purposes, sports, recreation or public spaces, there are several reasons why choosing LED floodlights is the best option. As professional LED manufacturers and suppliers, we’ve put together 5 reasons why your business should switch to outdoor LED flood light fixtures today.

240W LED floodlight


Floodlighting is an important part of security for businesses, and has become an integral part of security in today’s society. Outdoor LED floodlighting is a fantastic way to keep your business safe, as it provides superior illumination to the outside of your business premises. LED lights produce white light at a wide angle similar to daylight, therefore make it possible to see items easily and clearly.

Energy Efficiency

In comparison to other types of lighting, including fluorescent lighting, LED floodlights are very energy efficient. When compared to an equivalent halogen lamp, the reduction in the use of energy is enormous. Therefore, switching to LED floodlights for your business will result in a substantial reduction in your electricity bills.

Minimal Light Pollution

Halogen bulbs used in outdoor floodlights can cause light pollution. But LED floodlights are generally designed to have a specified beam angle which directs the light only to where it is needed. Light pollution is a growing environmental and ecological concern, and choosing LED floodlights will make a genuine difference to this problem.

Robust and Durable with a Long Life Expectancy

Outdoor LED floodlights are robust and durable, meaning that they require almost no maintenance. This is perfect for a busy business, as it means less time is spent on their upkeep and replacement, allowing companies to get on with their job!

LED light sources are solid state semiconductor devices and do not need bulb replacement, as opposed to traditional filament lamps. This is especially beneficial for outdoor floodlights as they are often placed far out of reach, making any possible bulb replacement a big job. LED floodlights have an exceptionally long life expectancy, typically lasting approximately thirty times longer than standard halogen floodlights.

Higher Lumen Output

Security for your business is affordable and cost effective with the use of LED floodlights. As LED floodlights have a higher lumen output than standard floodlights, one LED floodlight can have the same effect as two or even three standard floodlights.

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