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5 Benefits of LED Lighting in Retail Spaces

LED lit shop interiorRecent advances in LED lighting technology mean that LED lighting has become a cost effective solution to enhancing retail spaces. Shops can see a real return on investment from LED installing LED lighting; this comes from reduced energy expenses. They also do not generate heat, so during warm weather will not contribute to the need for air conditioning.

Enhance Customer Shopping Experiences and Merchandising

The quality of light created by LED lighting can offer customers a better shopping experience, and enhance the appearance of displayed products. Great lighting not only sets the mood for shoppers in retail premises, it can also enhance the appearance of merchandise with excellent colour rendering and light quality.

Maximise Energy Savings

LED lighting can offer retail shops significant energy savings. As LED suppliers, we know just how much energy you can save by switching from halogen and incandescent lighting to LED lighting in your shop or retail space. LED lights are very energy efficient, and although they do cost a little more to have installed, you’ll soon be saving up to 80% on your lighting bills.

Lower Carbon Emissions

According to the Carbon Trust, LEDs have become the most popular energy efficiency measure on the market. Information available on their website states: “In terms of carbon abatement the deployment of LED solutions provides some of the best ratios available when it comes the amount invested per tonne of carbon reduced.”

Reduce Maintenance Time

Another great benefit of LED lighting in retail spaces is the reduction in the amount of maintenance time involved. LED light bulbs have a long product life, which eliminates the need to regularly replace lamps or take part in bulb maintenance. In fact, depending on which ones you buy and how you use them, LED light bulbs can last 10 years.

Utilise Lighting Controls

There are several ways that bespoke lighting controls can be used to further the benefits of LED lighting in shops. Additional energy savings can be made when smart controls are utilised, ensuring that bulbs are only used when necessary and for the required amount of time.

LED Lighting Design and Installation for Shops and Retail Spaces

LED lighting is perfect for use in the full range of retail operations, from small independent boutiques and shops up to shopping centres and supermarkets. As suppliers and distributors of a range of LED lighting products throughout the UK, Nu-Light LED are also able to provide a complete LED lighting design service for commercial and industrial clients, including LED lighting installation.

We have worked with many retailers of all sizes and are able to use our leading environmental lighting solutions to reduce energy costs in sustainable and effective ways. For more information about our products, or to get in touch with a member of our friendly team, call us on 08442551140 or click here to email us.

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